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Who We Are

In September 2011, diversity leaders from four of Nashville’s leading businesses gathered to build relationships, exchange ideas, and offer peer support.

Word spread. Friends and friends of friends joined in the dialogue. By March 2012, just six months later, the invitation list swelled to 25x the original group. In April 2012, the group decided to formalize the Tennessee Diversity Consortium and added the intention to create a positive community impact. Today, the TDC still focuses on the framework of that original meeting. Peers gather to offer support, build relationships, and exchange best practices to become better diversity leaders in service of our organizations and community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Tennessee Diversity Consortium is to share, create, and promote model practices for diversity and inclusion in Tennessee.

Our Purpose

  • Educate: Build awareness and skills of practitioner and non-practitioner on diversity and inclusion trends and best practices.

  • Collaborate: Bring together committed partners to exchange ideas, build capacity, and co-labor to improve our organizations.

  • Resource: Be a critical mass of content experts to provide thought leadership and information for those seeking experience.

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